Currently the D-Line for signage displays and the 5011 Mediasuite and 7011 SIgnature rage for hospitality TV’s are supported
For issues with the app itself, please contact the developer.

For support and troubleshooting regarding your Philips display, please contact us at support@philips.supportsystem.com for the EMEA region,
For the North American region, contact us at philips-cs@tosystems.com


You must register for an account and log in to submit an app. You can check the status of the submission under “My Account”
An admin will be notified of your request. You can check the status of your app under “My Account”
Login to your account, click the app you want to update, then click “edit details”
For the EMEA region, please contact us at support@philips.supportsystem.com

For North America, please contact us at philips-cs@tosystems.com

Please reach out to your regional sales manager
Go through the admin interface and use the file manager to find your APK.
Go to the app manager in the settings menu and click uninstall.
Yes, if you have more than one app available you can submit it. It will follow the same approval process as previous apps.

Contact Details

  • appsupport@tpv-tech.com
  • 1-800-555-5555